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Consultancy on the Intersection of Your Needs
can be consulted on any IT-related subject. We like to differ between direct consultancy and reactive consultancy.
We do provide consultancy on all aspects of the application of IT in your management, operations and business administration.
Direct Consultancy
Your business is not static. For your business to maintain its edge over the competition, you are constantly evaluating the need to refine and modernize your business administration. Whether this applies to your business administration processes, your internet presence, your reachability or your IT providers: can be the deciding factor for you to grab the lead.
Analyses, project construction, IT architecture. We can provide for you.
Reactive Consultancy
There will be moments when you could do with an outside opinion on IT-related activities that are going on in your business. Or an outside opinion on activities that you would like to take on. will provide you with a thorough second-opinion, review or evaluation. Whether it concerns proposals, analyses, projects and their plans, interactions with suppliers: can play a role in alleviating the burden you have to carry.