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Training on the Intersection of Your Needs
How easy your staff is able to interact with your digital work-environment defines for a great part how productive your staff can be. You do not want your staff to be more busy with the complexities of your digital environment than that they are busy being productive. offers you easy to follow and easy to attend training sessions. Made-to-measure, so you can be assured that they are focused on your problems and on your digital work-environment. All subjects of interest can be discussed. Please contact for an informative and flexible proposal.


Manage your Pictures (3 half-time days)

Your image archive is a potential digital black hole. Unlock those images in an efficient way and learn how to manipulate your images. Make the images that you need available and make them presentable.


The training "Manage your Pictures" teaches you in 3 half-time days how to empower Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for your needs.The teaching objectives will be decided in consultation with you.



Microsoft Office (3 half-time days)

Microsoft Office is by far the premier Office Suite. Ten to one that you employ Microsoft Office. And ten to one that your staff does not make efficient and optimal use of the hidden powers of Microsoft Office. offers you a training of 3 half-time days to "upgrade" your staff to really employ Microsoft Office. The teaching objectives will be decided in consultation with you.


Microsoft Office Next Level (2 half-time days)

For a next level in the separate Microsoft Office applications your staff can attend a two half-time day training.
In this training your staff will master one of the applications:
  • MS-Word
  • MS-Excel
  • MS-Powerpoint
  • MS-Outlook
  • MS-Publisher

The teaching objectives will be decided in consultation with you.


Windows 2000, XP of 7

Your staff will be more efficient once they have acquired a thorough knowledge of Microsoft Windows. They will get the opportunity to shine with this made-to-measure training. Especially when you have decided to move to the best Windows version of all, Windows 7, it is advisable to prepare your staff for the new features and the new user experience.
Depending on the teaching objectives, that will be decided upon in consultation with you, a training will be formulated that can span more than one half-time days.